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    Universitas Teknologi Digital Indonesia

    Indonesia Digital Technology University is the First Computer College in the Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java which was established on June 30, 1979
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    is one of the business fields owned by the Widya Bhakti Education Foundation which focuses on making applications, etc.
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    Bale Lantip is a big hall that can be rented and used by the public for various events such as wedding receptions, birthdays, reunions, seminars, graduations, exhibitions, and other purposes with the capacity of 1000 people.
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Welcome to

Widya Bakti Education Foundation
The twentieth century was marked by the emergence of discoveries in science and technology. Computers are one of the products that are increasingly needed by modern society. Responding to the conditions of the rapid development in technology, the Widya Bakti Education Foundation established the Indonesia Digital Technology University which is expected to become a superior university in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based on the noble values of the nation and state of Indonesia. In the future, the Widya Bakti Education Foundation has a target that it is not only able to organize a high-quality education system in the academic and professional fields, but also to be able to maximize the available resources, both internally and externally, so that they can be used efficiently, effectively and appropriately. The Widya Bakti Education Foundation intends to create an order that upholds professional services to the community by promoting the academic virtues in the spirit of kinship that is mutually honing, loving and nurturing.
  • The Indonesia Digital Technology University has a strategic role in supporting the digital transformation in the new normal life. By the direction of Widya Bhakti Education Foundation, the focus of UTDI's education is based on adaptive information technology in meeting the needs of digital-based industries, especially in using big data. UTDI strives to actively collaborate in the field of tri dharma through a network of national and global partnerships, which can open up wide opportunities to create various ideas, actions, and contributions that are beneficial to society.

    Ir. Totok Suprawoto, M.M., M.T.

    The Rector of UTDI
  • Having experience for more than 42 years in running STMIK AKAKOM and focusing on Computer Technology, Indonesia Digital Technology University will have its color in producing superior competitive human resources in the field of Digital Technology who are ready to contribute to developing Indonesia in the future.
    Prof. H. Adhi Susanto, Msc.E.,PhD

    Prof. H. Adhi Susanto, Msc.E.,PhD

    The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Widya Bakti Education Foundation
  • The Master of Information Technology program at Indonesia Digital Technology University is the latest program from UTDI for master-level education with qualified capabilities in the field of software and data technology. The realization of the Master program at UTDI is the result of the commitment of Widya Bakti Education Foundation and UTDI to improve the quality of Internal Human Resources continuously by looking at the needs of human resources in the fields of industry, education, and government.

    Dr Bambang Purnomosidi S.E,S.Kom,MMsi

    Head of Information Technology Master Department UTDI
  • PT. WABI TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA is a part of the Widya Bakti Education Foundation which is engaged in making technology-based applications and conducting training in the IT fields to make life and its processes much simpler.

    AI.Agus Subagyo,S.E.,MSI

    CEO of PT Wabi Teknologi Indonesia
  • I am a permanent lecturer at Indonesia Digital Technology University under the Widya Bakti Education Foundation and I have been allowed to continue my doctoral studies at Selangor University, Malaysia. I will use this opportunity to develop myself as a lecturer and also assist the development of institutions in increasing international cooperation.

    Sri Redjeki, S.Si., M.Kom,

    UTDI Lecturer
The Data Migration from AKAKOM College of Management and Computer Science (STMIK AKAKOM) to Digital Technology University of Indonesia (DTUI)
Based on the Decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number: 463/E/0/2021, dated October 27, 2021, AKAKOM College of Management and Computer Science (STMIK AKAKOM) changed its form to the Digital Technology University of Indonesia. As a consequence, all the student dat...
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The Handover of the Statute of the University of Digital Technology Indonesia
A statute is the basic regulation of the Higher Education Management which is used as the basis for the preparation of operational regulations and procedures in Higher Education. The management of Higher Education needs to be stated in the regulation referred to as the statute. The chairman of the W...
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Yayasan Pendidikan Widya Bakti Yogyakarta

Jl Raya Janti (Majapahit) No. 143, Yogyakarta, 55198
Email : ypwb@utdi.ac.idTelepon : +62 (274) 484178
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