The History of Widya Bakti Education Foundation of Yogyakarta

The twentieth century was marked by various amazing advancements done by the human beings, especially the new discoveries in the field of Science and Technology. One of these inventions is the computer, which is in its development can manage its role as a product that is increasingly needed by modern society.

Responding to these conditions, with the intention of educating the nation's life, and based on the philosophy of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, there were relatives who were interested in supporting the transfer of technology namely Zamharin, SH, Drs. Agus Sulistyo Pribadi, SH, Ir. Soegiri Ananda, R. Atmosuprobo, and R. Soemitro, on June 30, 1979, agreed to establish a foundation under the name Widya Bakti Education Foundation.

Widya Bakti Education Foundation has a legal entity based on the Notarial Deed of Umar Syamhudi, SH, Number 43 dated June 30, 1979. The first management of the organizational structure was as follows:

The Chairman: Zamharin, S.H.,
The Vice Chairman: Drs. Agus Sulistyo Pribadi, S.H.
The Secretary: R. Atmosuprobo
The Treasurer: R. Soemitro
The Commissioner: Ir. Sugiri Ananda.

Furthermore, this foundation was established with the mission of developing and disseminating information technology management and computer technology among the Indonesian people through systematic and scientific educational efforts.

The management of the Foundation has changed several times because of the death of the founders and it was adapted based on the Law on Foundations of the Republic of Indonesia, based on Notary Deed No. 06 dated 11 August 2008 and Deed No. 05 dated 24 September 2008 made by Notary Muchammad Agus Hanafi, S, H., and recorded in the Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia dated September 13, 2011 Number AHU-AH.01.09-11, the name of the Foundation was ratified as the Widya Bakti Education Foundation Yogyakarta.

The personnels of the Widya Bakti Education Foundation of Yogyakarta are currently based on the Notary Deed of Muchammad Agus Hanafi, S.H., Number 2 dated 4 May 2020 are as follows:

The Head of Trustees: Prof. H. Adhi Susanto, M.Sc., Ph.D.,
The Member of Trustees: Rita Wulandari, Amd.

The Chief Executive: Ir. Teguh Wijono Budi Prasetijo, M.M.,
The Executive Secretary: Grace Ananda, S.E.,
The Treasurer: Mesti Woro Mahatmi, S, Sos,, M.A.

The Supervisor: Drs. GP. Dalijo, Dipl.Com.

Currently, the Widya Bakti Education Foundation of Yogyakarta manages several activities in various sectors; in Education Sector as the Organizing Body of the Digital Technology University of Indonesia, and in Business Sectors are PT Wabi Teknologi Indonesia, Akakom Stationery, Bale Lantip, and Presentation Room.

Yayasan Pendidikan Widya Bakti Yogyakarta

Jl Raya Janti (Majapahit) No. 143, Yogyakarta, 55198
Email : ypwb@utdi.ac.idTelepon : +62 (274) 484178
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